Between going to bed early and cold medication making me jittery, I awoke at 4:30 am. I did my best to go back to sleep, but still was fully packed and first in at the supermarket at 8:00 am. I met my host to transfer the keys at 8:30 am. I was first in-line at tourist information to inquire about a map for Greece. I was first in the door at the bookstore. I wasn’t the first to check in for the ferry, but I was first to board.

I purchased a great 1:300,000 scale map of Greece at the book store. I’ve been concerned about whether I underestimated how long I would need to get to Athens,  and have had a hard time gauging scale on my phone. A paper map also serves as a backup. Anyway, after spending some time with the map I’ve got more confidence I can make it in time, distance-wise, mountains notwithstanding.

I met Mark on the ferry, a Canadian backpacking around Europe, and also staying at Stavrodromi Hotel off the ferry at Igoumenitsa. We spent time on the ferry discussing each others travels, and walked together to the hotel. We wandered a bit through Igoumenitsa after 11:00 pm, and the city is still lively.

I gained an hour, and figured out why the ferry arrived an hour late. I calculated tine correctly, but the Italian ferry didn’t bother to change their time.

Mark and I made plans to meet up for breakfast, before he heads to Athens via bus, and I head up down the coast. He’s an interesting guy, and so great to talk in English.