Up and out relatively early this morning, with an uneventful train ride the rest of the way into Milan.

That put us on the north side of the city, with Queen Hostel to the south. We couldn’t check in until early afternoon, but I figured we could put our luggage in storage and …. ohhh castle.


We wandered about Sforzesco Castle for a while. Given our proximity to the train station, our impending return to the airport, and me with loaded touring bicycle, we planned to return to explore further, and continued to the … ohh cathedral.


After a few photos, and temporarily losing Rob, we planned another return. Arriving at the hostel, we dropped off bicycle and gear, and headed back into City center. The Duomo (cathedral) was gorgeous on the outside at least. In interior was impressive only for its size.

Back to Castle Sforzesco, we walked about, and visited several museums within. They had closed the da Vinci museum, but we saw the last work of Michelangelo – Rondanini Pietà.

We still had an hour to kill before Rob’s bicycle was to arrive at the airport, so we wandered from one historical icon on the GPS to another – multiple sites of a ruined circus, palace and walls – before heading back to the train station.

Rob’s bicycle arrived at the airport shortly after we did. Rob had left the pedals with his other gear at the hostel, committing him (and me) to another walk across Milan after the train ride.

Night had fallen by our return to the hostel close to 9:00 pm, with Rob’s pedometer having reported he’d hit 375%+ of his daily exercise requirement by early-afternoon.

We separated to get food. I returned to the hostel to find him un-lost, un-mugged, and otherwise generally intact.

In theory we have a 2-day plan to Genoa. Both of those days are far, and day 2 of that is up. Hopefully we can shake out any bicycle issues early in the day, and follow bicycle path for the most part. All should be on the delta of the Po River.

I did pick up a map at the castle, in case we get lost over 1000 years ago.