When wild camping, one typically gets up early and scrambles out. Tucked away in my little corner, I managed to get out by 8:00 am.

I’ve still been pondering whether to follow the Via Appia (or Via Appia Antica) or cycle into Naples, and then back out via Pompeii. Today I continued along the coast, deferring that decision – cycling south repeatedly intersected the Via Appia, as it swung back and forth to the coast.


Early in the day, the coast had small roads, vistas of beaches, and rugged coastline. Later in the day that turned to bigger road and mediocre shoulder.


The last campground of the day again had no near options beyond, so again I was hunting for alternates as I approached. I found this small campground about 4 kilometers from my destination, and stopped for the night. I’d passed two other small campground that had yet to open for the season. The campground is small, but hot showers and Internet. The showers didn’t include instructions, but fortunately they’re the same as those at an the campground past Genoa that included detailed instructions in English. I have yet to figure out how to recharge the phone, but I’ll find an outlet somewhere.

As I sat in the area outside the bar/kitchen, a group of young men asked me a few of the basic touring questions in a combination of broken English and Google Translate.

Tomorrow I’m likely crossing into the mountains. Ostia Antica provided an extended Roman city so I’m less interested in Pompeii. I don’t really enjoy cycling into large cities, and Naples is the ninth largest in the EU. That said, the forecast in Naples is sun; the mountains call for thunderstorms.