Gear List 2018

Litespeed Blueridge Bicycle
3 water bottles and cages Bike
Cateye rear led light and two lithium AAA batteries Bike
cycle computer Bike
Barbieri carbon fiber pump Bike
Blackburn rear rack Bike
Old Man Mountain front rack (the old design – don’t like the new one) Bike
waterproof phone mount Bike
2 LonePeak P099 panniers Bike
Bushwhacker Diablo handlebar pack Bike
2 LonePeak P-100 panniers Bike
Mountain Hardware SuperMega UL2 with Ti stakes and tyvek groundcloth Rear Rack
beach sandals (rear rack) Rear Rack
nylon adjustable strap (4.5′) Rear Rack
Map case HB Pack
Compass HB Pack
Marco Polo Map () HB Pack
Credit card #2 HB Pack
2 small zip lock bags and kitchen trash bag HB Pack
Princeton tec headlamp w/ 3 AAA batteries (lithium) HB Pack
Droid Maxx (+SIMs) HB Pack
Copy of CC #s and CC phone #s HB Pack
USB > power cord HB Pack
Power to dual USB plug HB Pack
Euro/Ireland to US power adaptor HB Pack
20′ 2 mm line HB Pack
Nike Featherlight hat HB Pack
Blue Lizard Sun Screen (3 oz) & skin lotion (3 oz) HB Pack
Anker External USB battery ( 5000 mAh) HB Pack
Lactaid (1/day) HB Pack
Nexium HB Pack
4 spare spokes LR Pannier
U-Lock LR Pannier
Western Moutaineering Down Highlite Sleeping bag (sil-nylon stuff sack) LR Pannier
Stove fuel cartridge 200g (not until arrival) Cookset
Photocopy of passport LR Pannier
Photocopy of Proof of Insurance & CC info LR Pannier
USB flash drive w/ data LR Pannier
Titanium Cookset LR Pannier
Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cookset (1 pot with lid) Cookset
Primus Micron T1 stove Cookset
Stove fuel cartridge (not until arrival)  Cookset
Tool Kit LR Pannier
3 oz chain oil Tool Kit
3 zip ties Tool Kit
2 velcro strips Tool Kit
Spare tube x 2 Tool Kit
Swiss Army Cybertool 34 Tool Kit
4 Allen hex keys (6mm, 5mm, ??) Tool Kit
spare brake cable (precut to longest length, soldered to not fray) Tool Kit
spare derailleur cable (precut to longest length, soldered to not fray) Tool Kit
4″ crescent wrench Tool Kit
Kevlar fiberfix Tool Kit
plastic tire lever Tool Kit
tube patch kit (glue, patches) Tool Kit
tire patch kit Tool Kit
small hose clamp Tool Kit
spare bolt Tool Kit
spare fender nut Tool Kit
Kitchen kit RR Pannier
water purification tablets Kitchen kit
1 plastic fork Kitchen kit
1 plastic knife Kitchen kit
1 plastic spoon Kitchen kit
small bottle (dish soap) Kitchen kit
small bottle (laundry detergent) Kitchen kit
small plastic case (salt) Kitchen kit
small bottle (insect repellent) Kitchen kit
small bottle (vegetable oil) Kitchen kit
small sponge Kitchen kit
small lighter Kitchen kit
strike matches Kitchen kit
synthetic t shirt RR Pannier on
1 pair poly underwear RR Pannier on
Cannondale cycling shoes RR Pannier on
cycling shorts RR Pannier on
1 pair cycling socks RR Pannier on
Timex Ironman watch (includes contact info for people) RR Pannier on
cycling gloves RR Pannier on
Spare phone (Droid Maxx) RR Pannier
Sil-nylon liner (for clothes) RR Pannier
2 micro-wool t shirts (184/123/153) RR Pannier
1 pair warm socks RR Pannier
1 pair cycling socks RR Pannier
1 pair poly underwear RR Pannier
1 pair long pants (zipper shorts) RR Pannier
long cycling tights RR Pannier
bandanna (tradition) RR Pannier
Cocoon silk mummy liner (for hostels and offset lite sleeping bag) RR Pannier
Credit Card #3 RR Pannier
spare U Lock key RR Pannier
Fintie 7″ Bluetooth Keyboard & Handmade Case RR Pannier
ultralight pack towel (20 x 36) RR Pannier
Bath Kit RR Pannier
soap dish w/ bar soap Bath kit
toothbrush (handle cut and drilled, w/ cover) Bath kit
small tube toothpaste Bath kit
comb Bath kit
3 disposable razors (handles cut short) Bath kit
dental floss Bath kit
baby fingernail clippers (plastic removed) Bath kit
2 earplugs Bath kit
deodorant (half stick) Bath Kit
Small amount of TP Bath Kit
small sewing kit w/ spare glasses screw. Bath Kit
Flonase (allergies) Bath Kit
small container (multivitamins) Bath Kit
2 clothes pins Bath Kit
Adventure First Aid Kit (modified) RR Pannier
small bottle of rubbing alcohol First Aid Kit
small container (5 Aleve, 16 motrin, 8 Pepto tablets) First Aid Kit
2 neosporin ToGo packets First Aid Kit
4 lactaid packets First Aid Kit
2 alcohol cleaning pad First Aid Kit
1 antiseptic cleaning hand wipe First Aid Kit
bandage 2″ x 4 yards First Aid Kit
2 3×3 bandage/sponges First Aid Kit
3×4 gauze pad First Aid Kit
2 2×2 gauze pads First Aid Kit
small spool adhesive tape First Aid Kit
small pack moleskin First Aid Kit
4 large bandaids First Aid Kit
3 small bandaids First Aid Kit
4 small butterfly bandaids First Aid Kit
2 knuckle bandages First Aid Kit
4 q tips First Aid Kit
2 safety pins First Aid Kit
ear plugs First Aid Kit
small tube superglue First Aid Kit
2 diphenhydramine First Aid Kit
Canker cover First Aid Kit
Abreva First Aid Kit
Dentemp (for temporary tooth repair) First Aid Kit
SPF 12 chapstick (#2) First Aid Kit
8×11 padded envelope w/ Marco Polo Map () RF Pannier
rain pants RF Pannier
Goretex Air-X rain jacket (and hood) RF Pannier
drivers license RF Pannier
Camera Case RF Pannier
Nikon Coolpix L320 (and AA lithium batteries) Camera Case
16 GB SDHC, 8 GB SDHC Camera Case
4 spare LI AA batteries Camera Case
waterproof sil-nylon bag LF Pannier
8×11 padded envelope LF Pannier
Patagonia Nano-Air jacket LF Pannier
3/4 Prolite Therm-A-Rest and stuff sack LF Pannier
lightweight yellow safety vest LF Pannier
Fanny Pack
passport Fanny Pack
U Lock key #1 Fanny Pack
SPF 30 chapstick #1 Fanny Pack
2 earplugs (plane) Fanny Pack
notebook/journal Fanny Pack
click ballpoint pen Fanny Pack
headphones (plane) Fanny Pack
USB > Power cord Fanny Pack
tyvek wallet (cleaned out of random cards, like library, SAMS, etc.) Fanny Pack
Contacts list (about 1/4 page of paper double sided with people’s email and postal address for postcard mailing Wallet
Credit card #1 Wallet
ATM card Wallet
1 pack of 6 bagels As weight
2 jars peanut butter (checked luggage) As weight
8 granola bars As weight
3 foil packs of tuna As weight
empty container for 400g pasta As weight
3 packs instant oatmeal As weight
4 kitchen trash bags (lining panniers for waterproofness)

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