181008-Training Comes First

I woke up in Wellington this morning at 6:30 am, either really early (according to New Zealand), or sleeping in (according to my internal clock).

I wandered downtown. Downtown Wellington is clean and orderly. In many ways it reminded me of Geneva, including a huge fountain in the harbor like the one in Lake Geneve. David had recommended the Gallipoli exhibit at the Re Papa Natural History Museum, and others had recommended the waterfront. The Gallipoli exhibit (the story of New Zealand’s involvement in WWI) was excellent, but heavier than I’d prefer for Sunday morning. Near the natural museum on Sunday was an open market.

The drive out to the Red Cross training site followed the Hutt River, with a lovely cycle path following the river. However, the nearby hills remind me more of those of the recent Baltic, rising steeply, with homes built into the hillside. Now for two weeks of training for the Red Cross Information Technology & Telecom Emergency Response Unit!!

Cycling comes afterwards.


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