We rolled out of Hostel Pisa at 8:30 am, with a plan of arriving in Grosseto reasonably early the next day for a train to Rome. With Grosseto roughly 170 km away, that meant riding. A lot. We’d just cycle that way until we decided to stop, with campgrounds every few kilometers along the beach.

We stopped in Livorno to take a look at Fortezza Vecchia.



We had a second breakfast at 30 km, lunch at 70 km, and second lunch at around 100 km. The vast majority of the day was spent with cycle path or wide shoulder, cycling along the coast. While the day remained mostly flat, we had a few lightly mountainous sections on the coast that provided spectacular vistas.


(Sorry for the photo angle – apparently still leaning after Pisa).
One concern for the day was that OSMAnd+ would not route us across one of the coastal bridges. Photos on-line of the bridge looked normal. Not being allowed to pass would mean reversing course and climbing a large mountain range. We were passing over it when I realized where we were.

When not on the coast we ended up on one particularly idyllic trail.



As the day evolved we set our target for Follonica, as town after town fell behind us. While we passed campgrounds by all day, stretching to Follonica meant only a couple of options. One possible hostel was clearly not, and we initially missed Tahiti Camping as the entrance wasn’t on the boardwalk by which we entered town. But we settled in, I grabbed a shower, and we went into town for dinner.

Loaded distance for the day? 127 km (plus a few more getting dinner). Should be able to make the 50 km to Grosseto tomorrow no problem.

Saturday still looks like a lot of rain, as does Monday. Grf. Trapped in Rome.