Saving Weight

If you’re really not interested in saving space or weight, you should just skip this section, as you’ll likely think I’m crazy. Some random thoughts:

  • Pre-measure the spare brake and derailleur cables, and pre-cut them. The bicycle has both a long and a short cable – cut the spare to the length of the long one! Dab a bit of solder on the ends to keep them from unraveling.
  • Trim the cables on the bicycle itself
  • If using toe clips, make sure to trim the straps for the pedals
  • If using a regular toothbrush:
    • cut a few inches off the handle
    • drill holes in the handle

  • Powdered toothpaste
  • Shorter (or shorten) shoelaces
  • Only take the sections of the guidebook you think you’ll need
  • Baby fingernail clippers instead of adult ones
  • Cutting the tags from your shirts
  • Remember to clean out wallet of cards you won’t need (library, supermarket, etc)
  • Don’t take your house, car, and work keys
  • Lithium batteries instead of alkalines (lighter, and last longer)