Rick Steeves started cycle touring while still (nominally) in college. A college dean suggested Rick’s first cycle tour, while discussing his future college career (having made the wrong Dean’s List, more than once). His first tour was from England to Italy (and back!). It took over a decade for his second tour, but Rick’s toured every other year or so until his retirement in 2015. touring has transitioned to an annual event.

Rick was once told by a friend and co-worker that when they handed out hobbies, Rick must have stood in the short lines (and that he meant that in all the ways he could mean that). Medieval reenactment, paintball, and various other hobbies lie strewn in his wake. When not touring, Rick’s an avid whitewater kayaker, board gamer and RPG player, with the occasional home repair taking much longer than it should. To his wife’s occasional chagrin, various parts of the house are automated. Any number of other projects and ideas are in various states of existence.

Professionally Rick has a long career in Information Technology, primarily in the areas of infrastructure and security. Rick left an position as Global IT Infrastructure Architect for his four-month tour from Istanbul to Ireland, and now volunteers with the Durham Bicycle Co-op, and the American Red Cross International Technology and Telephony Emergency Response Unit.

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  1. I love your equipment load-out! It appears to be very well-considered, and I would guess that experience has been deeply consulted in its selection and preparation. If only you could be convinced to provide photographs along with your detailed list!

    Good luck with the Portugal-to-Ireland trip!

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