I woke to the forecast rain. I considered staying put, but the forecast doesn’t change for the next few days. I waited for a break in the rain, and headed out around 9:00 am. The break in the rain lasted until the edge of town.

A detailed examination of EuroVelo 5 today meant I rode on EuroVelo 5 for the first 20 km, and the last 10. The remainder of the day I followed my own route. I rode long distances without checking my phone/GPS, so I was particularly happy that I caught an odd intersection that could have taken me miles from my intended path. The route change meant the same elevation change, but spreading the the grade over more distance.

While still in the mountains, the terrain changed today from wine to wheat. I passed by two separate castles today. I couldn’t find a way up, but I didn’t try very hard.


In the pouring rain I rarely want to risk getting the electronics wet. Today I just rode. In the rain, I don’t want to stop, to cool of while still wet. When the rain occasionally stopped I rode, because I wanted to get as far as possible when it wasn’t raining.

More dogs chase me every day. So far shouting at them has stopped them in their tracks.

Near the end of the day I had only light rain, as long as I kept moving. I arrived in Altamura (picking a destination with “alta” in the name not the best of ideas) just ahead of the rain. I went out for groceries only to get rained on again, and not get groceries.

La Casa di Carol is another lovely B&B. This one even comes with its own dungeon and the old castle mounts to bar the door.



The places I’ve stayed the last few days have been excellent, but lonely. I’ve resorted to hearing English on TV, having figured out how to revert all the US cop shows from their dubbing in Italian. I think I’ve commented previously that no wonder Europeans think the US is all guns and violence – crime shows are a major export.

In theory I’m two days out of Brindisi, for a ferry somewhere in Greece.
I noticed today I’ve rolled the bicycle odometer over. More accurately, it’s set to an unchanging 9999. The first time without a battery reset.