190508-Well, People Wanted Excitement

The flight over turned uneventful. Rob and I had ended up on different flights given our differing trip schedules (he flies back from Rome in a couple weeks; I continue on to Athens). My bicycle showed up promptly at a clearly-marked Oversize Bag door. I had everything assembled by the time Rob’s flight was due.


We connected easily via messaging. His bicycle? Not so much. Messaging back and forth, he tracked his bicycle back to JFK. Should arrive tomorrow.

I’d chosen the nearby Malpensa Fiero Hostel in preparation for eventualities. We rode a train there, my bicycle in tow. I don’t agree with the hostel’s high rating, but nice enough. Mostly empty, they put us in a two-person private room, providing a place to store my bicycle. Also worked on it a bit, as it still needed a few tweaks, usually made just outside the airport!

Tomorrow we spend the day in Milan, picking up (hopefully) Rob’s bicycle in the late afternoon at the airport. I’d planned on a day in Milan for just this type of eventuality. And, you know, Milan.