round X over

Well the event I’ve been dreading is over. Back home, some fuzzy but not to bad. Been told this will affect my short-term memory so I won’t remember but no luck so far. No pain but then they numbed me up good! This should have the original tooth replaced in June so plenty of time before Sweden.

That’s presuming there’ll be a Sweden trip (or the ability to fly there). Fascinated to see how this H1N1 scare will play out in the American psyche.

Americans have become wildly risk-averse to anything that they think they understand the risk (anything the media defines), but not to driving a car, having babies, being overweight, smoking, etc. A single sniper shut down the East coast. A few hijackings 5 years ago destroyed the airlines. All over-exaggeration by the media carried into the American way of life.


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