Life goes on….

Well, clearly not in shape for Sweden (yet).

With surgery in two days, kinda down. And being wiped from cycling to work not helping.

On top of all that, not sure the 810 is up to the task. The apps aren’t there yet. Everything just kinda works, instead of working outright. Clearly blogging from this is going to be nigh impossible, unless I spend the whole trip typing! Maybe that’s good, as it gets relegated to being an emergency device, not a day-to-day tool. For that I think I’d need something larger, and thus heavier. The 810 is light, but the accessories (solar, charger, blackberry?, extended battery, lazer kb, …) all add up. And many of those would go with the netbook as well. grr.

I suspect this will be the first trip gear weight goes up!


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