Rick’s Quick How-To for Economy Touring

While I work on a few other things, here’s some quick filler.

  1. Book a flight.
  2. Download the following to your mobile device:
    • OSMAnd+ (and maps for where you’re going)
    • Google Translate (and the language for where you’re going)
    • HostelWorld
    • Booking.com
  3. Book a bed at your destination on HostelWorld (hostels are at the destinations with international airports) for two nights.
  4. Arrive and take train or bus to hostel (hostel will include directions on how to get there, and you’re carrying the maps offline in OSMAnd+).
  5. Each day
    1. Select your next destination and book. Check HostelWorld first, then Booking.Com
    2. Google for top things to visit at your destination. Google for free top things to visit for better economy.
  6. Travel

That in a nutshell is how I travel.

Quick related notes:

  • Check with your debit/credit card(s) for what fees are for acquiring money.  Don’t change money at the airport if possible; find an ATM outside of the airport.
  • If offered the option, pay in local currency with your credit card, not USD (the credit card rate will be better than what they offer).
  • Don’t purchase a SIM for your phone at the airport. Look for a Vodaphone (preferable) shop for a SIM (your hostel can likely help you). It should be about $25 for a month of data.
  • Carry change – some city toilets will require coins.
  • Supermarkets exist in Europe. Most hostels and many booking.com sites include a small kitchen. Combine.