180605-Taking a Vacation Day

With time running short, I took the day off. Some light hiking, swimming in the campground pool, reading, and admittedly bingeing on Internet. The only thing accomplished was laundry.

Last night, as is true about half the time, I cooked my own dinner. The communal campground dinner was rockin’, so tonight I ate with the campground. And only four people; apparently the other crowd left today. Still a nice quiet dinner with a woman from the Netherlands, her husband, and brother. They’ve traveled more in the US than I have. I’ve traveled more in Europe. The extra day here has meant more time to meet and chat with others in the campground; the bicycle provides a great opportunity for people to engage.

A long, not flat ride tomorrow to Florence. I’ve decided to abandon EV7, which as best I can tell includes 800 meters of steep climbing (300 more than my alternate). Likely a good thing dark now arrives after 9:00 pm. Heavy rain currently forecast for Thurs., further supporting my plan to take a train back across the mountains.


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