180604-Wrong Way

Unsurprisingly, I’m headed for Florence, now camped on top of a mountain with an incredible view.


Last night’s hostel operates remotely. Before I arrived I received an email with the PIN code for the door and my bed assignment. Unusual, but it worked. Fortunate that the email showed up mere moments before I left the B&B in the morning. However, to check out I had to wait for Reception to open at 9:00 am, and I didn’t manage to get out of Bologna until 10:00 am.

EuroVelo 7 connects Bologna to Florence. Despite my love/hate relationship with the EuroVelo network, until the turn for the campground, the day climbed gradually, with a good mix of canal, rail line, and moderate hills I could climb.



The campground is located in the middle of a national park. High enough the nights are pleasantly cool, a nice change from the last few sweltering nights. The hosts are friendly. The campers are mostly non-Italian (Dutch and Deutch), so speak fluent English. Cycling and hiking trails abound. With adding Florence, I planned to take a train back to Bologna anyway, and I’m enjoying this place.


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