180602-What A Difference A Day Makes

I spent last evening playing pool to the rhythms of Pink Floyd. The hostel staff run a pool tournament where any time you fail to sink a ball you lose a life. People played from Argentina, Denmark, Ethiopia, the US, and Italy. When the tournament ended everyone hung around outside to chat, mostly members of the hostel staff. I was told it was nice to talk to a … well … not old … American, because I apparently discuss US politics and health care in more detail than the average US college student. Billed as a party hostel, it really wasn’t, and provided a good respite.

I went outside to load up the bike this morning to discover my rear tire flat. I last replaced the tube the other day with a patched tube, and the patch failed. Replacing the tube didn’t take long. I passed a bike shop today and picked up a new replacement.

Back on the road again today, and what a change. The beaches swarm with tourists who also pack the boardwalks. I picked an out-of-the-way route today. I’ve enjoyed the quiet rides the past week or so, and decided to trade distance for quiet. Except everyone in Italy must be traveling this weekend. I eventually routed myself back to the highway; same amount of traffic but with a shoulder.


I intended today to reach the midpoint to Bologna and wild camp. Far past the midpoint, reaching the suburbs of Bologna in Imola I stopped and arranged an AirB&B. AirB&B doesn’t lend itself to last minute, causing a bit of a scramble, but everything worked out. I should arrive in Bologna early, providing more time to explore.



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