180601-Out Of Practice

Today I rode a bus to the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. San Marino lays claim to be the oldest extant sovereign state as well as the oldest constitutional republic. An interesting town, if I hadn’t spent the last couple of weeks visiting places like Dubrovnik and Kotor. Lovely. High on the tourist scale. San Marino declared dogs acceptable everywhere, from museum to restaurant. A strangely high number of shops in high-tourist areas (i.e., everywhere) sell swords, modern crossbows, and airsoft guns.


I met Guido, from Argentina, last night. We bumped into each other in San Marino and rode back together. He’s on the last leg of his four-week trip, leaving tonight for Naples before a train to Rome and a flight home.


After the last week of wandering the coast, I haven’t had to plan much. With a gap between here and Bologna, I spent the bus ride to San Marino and part of the evening failing to puzzle out tomorrow. I have hostel reservations in Bologna for the two days after tomorrow. Tomorrow is a national holiday (that didn’t show up wherever I checked Italian holidays a week ago), and budget accommodation is now non-existent. I pinged a few Warmshowers.org hosts, and will pack plenty of water. Each evening recently I’ve passed what looked like a great place to wild camp within a few kilometers of my destination; perhaps consistency will hold.

Crossed 2,000 km yesterday.


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