180529- I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

The first 60 km I followed cycle path or boardwalk. Snow-capped peaks loomed in the distance, yet my day remained blissfully flat.


I encountered Jon (pronounced in German “Yon”) when I stopped for groceries. He cycled here across the Alps from Germany. He crossed at Brenner Pass, one of the passes I crossed on my first tour. He followed a bicycle path that didn’t exist then! Given that we’re following each other’s route, we traded information. He’s been following the highway, so I had the joy of informing him that for the next 100 km he could have cycle path if he stuck closer to the coast. He has the well familiar problem of deciding the best path across a mountain range (to Napoli). He warned me of hills ahead. I either missed them by hugging the coast, or they yet await me.


Cloudy with a scattering of rain today. As the day’s heat peaked, I ducked into a campground near Santa Maria a Mare (one of three adjacent campgrounds), a swim nicely offsetting the heat.

Despite the lack of rain in the forecast, it thunders down on my tent.

Things lost so far:
-laundry detergent
-tent stake (Darn It!)

Shipped home:
-warm fuzzy socks
-cycling tights
-warm jacket (secondary purpose pillow – improvising)


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