180528-Up And Away

I spoke with the Front Desk last night, concerned about the spray. They reassured me that they would not spray near the tent, and indeed the night passed mostly uneventfully. Mostly because at one point I leaned on one of my panniers and heard a *pop*, which is the reason one should never pack honey.

I’ve been considering shipping some things home. As usual, by this point I have a collection of brochures, and maps of places I’ve already passed through. Additionally, it’s hot. While I don’t pack true cold-weather gear, I do carry several things for the edge of the season. Getting rid of that gear would decrease my load, and take stress off the damaged front panniers (stitched up with dental floss). When I stopped at a supermarket for lunch, a post office sat across the street. Outside the supermarket lay their cardboard recycling – a box! I rummaged through them and found a couple of boxes that might work. Next shopping inside, a stock boy filling the shelves provided just the right box. While the supermarket didn’t sell tape, an adjacent store did. Shipped – I’ll likely be home before the box.

30 km into the day, and everything felt lighter (of course, the next 10 km were down or flat). Having dropped down to the shoreline, I spent most of the rest of the day on dedicated cycle path or boardwalk right along the beach.


My stomach bothering me, I stopped a bit early. I found a campground right where I needed one in Torre Cerrano. Another afternoon swimming in the Adriatic, doing laundry, and relaxing by the seashore. Oh, and a castle only a few hundred meters away.



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