Success and Failure

After a morning of reviewing tourist information and local maps, I headed to the train station, to read my book while I waited.


Success! Andrew met me in front of the station, and we walked around the station to the bike store. An hour outside the train station refitting the bike, swapping around gear, and figuring out what to do with the two jars of peanut butter and 17 nut bars Marnie sent along with Andrew, and we set off.

Except for my propensity on the way out of the city to select one-way streets, no issues on the way out of Geneva. We found a tower during the day, with a sign saying that nearby someone would let us in, but never found them. The next stop, the city of Yvoire, which I found in a tourist brochure as being a medieval city, was jam-packed with tourists, and we couldn’t even visit the chateux.


Being Sunday, we encountered difficulties finding an open supermarket, but we picked up enough to last through the day. Then, inclement weather threatening, I picked up the pace as we raced to the campground, rain intermittently showering us. Once we were at the campground, the rain of course stopped.

In cooking dinner, I realized I’d left my fork and spoon at the hostel last night after washing them. I’m bummed. I’m not normally sentimental, but like only a few other items, they have toured with me every trip. I also had started to think that I was done leaving gear strewn randomly across Europe. And, of course, now I don’t have a spoon or fork. I ate my pasta with the knife, reminding me of an old rhyme:
I eat my peas with honey;
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
but keeps them on my knife.

We made good progress today – 50 km. I initially planned to tour all the way around Lac du Leman, but since decided the distance around the lake too far for the time available. The GPS shows Chateux de Chillon (our next stop tomorrow) is only 35 km, and only 75 km from here to Lausanne, the next stop along the way. Geneve only sits 60 km from Lausanne, and I’ve made that ride, making the trip from here a reasonable ride of 135 km in two days. The weather forecasts vary wildly; we just need the weather to be vaguely reasonable.

After dinner we wandered about, passed up a putt-putt course, and found the local beach, as well as the rain, now drizzling at saturation level. Hopefully that will pull the rain out of the system. To bed once we figure out how to put two people in a two-person tent.

Just realized I just made reservations at the same hostel I stayed at in Geneva for the 18th, the night before Andrew heads out. There’s the remote chance my spoon and fork will still be there. Fingers crossed.

And super powers. Still waiting.


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