I do try


I am fine, but the photo is exactly what it looks like – an IV into my arm. “Acute viral infection.” I had stomach trouble yesterday, which I initially attributed to dairy, but that became a high fever, so I went to the doctor.

The doctor brought my fever down, and I’m weak (not having eaten since yesterday afternoon) but feeling better. The doctor said to take it easy for two-three days, so I’m stuck in the beach/party central spot on the Bulgarian Black Sea for a two days. And the day after that? Rain in the forecast.

Yesterday morning I rebuilt the front brakes (including replacing the cable), and resolved the front brake issue (again). Rear brakes also adjusted. The hostel owner formerly owned a bike repair shop, so we bonded during the repairs and he helped clean and oil my chain from the mud the day before.

My repair kit depeted, I cycled to a shop to replace the cable, after some discussion with the shop because my cables aren’t standard. After a while of unfruitfully cycling around town, cycled to Tourist Information to ask about a shop to buy underwear (a pair being lost in the great laundry fiasco of the day before). Always glad to provide entertainment.

Now fully resupplied but a late start, I arrived at the walled city of Nesebar by 2:30. I’m trying to be somewhere by 2:30, and be off the road until 4:30, skipping the peak heat of the day. Nesebar is no Visby, Gotland, but pretty enough.


After lunch, things went south. Failing to find a campground where the map indicated, I’m in this hotel. The larger, 5-star hotels have doctors on staff; the staff here called around, and someone picked me up. First American to be treated here.

The worst part I think is the wireless in my hotel is poor to non-existent. But there are cherry trees outside.



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  1. So you’re touring the hospitals of Europe now? Odd choice, but I suppose if you’ve used up all the castles, you’ve got to amuse yourself somehow. Hope you’re feeling better.

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