A Day of Reality

Not much interesting to say today. Only 60 km, averaging 4 kph (walking) to 48 kph. The selected route directly crosses the hills instead of following the contours, making the route really challenging. Not a lot of shade, and while I’ve avoided extreme sunburn, I am slowly basting.


By early afternoon I was beat, and didn’t really want to go on. So I didn’t. I found a field and took a nap under a tree. An hour later I felt much better. Still walking up hills, but still moving forward.


I stopped for water at a cafe today, and a family asked me to come over and share their lunch with them. I need to add to the FAQ, “How old are you?” It’s about the 3rd question asked each encounter, and then they all tell me their ages.

I’m in a hotel again, having wandered the city a bit to select a hotel off the beaten path figuring it would cost less. It’s nicer than the last one, and at $11.50 how can I not stay?

I hit this wall every trip; it just takes a while for everything to kick in. The miles, hills, sunburn, and some knee twinges are getting to me, so tomorrow is planned to be a rest day, with a bus trip to Edirne. I’ve also picked up some high-calorie snacks which should help, moving forward.

I’ve heard everything on the Internet is more interesting with cats. Dogs are everywhere in the countryside, but in the cities cats rule here.



2 thoughts on “A Day of Reality”

  1. I don’t understand that first picture. It looked to me that your hand was caught in your bicycle wheel, until I realized it was your watch!

  2. He’s showing off his bike glove tan. That’s pretty impressive considering it’s been less than a week.

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