I rolled out just barely before “the Roberts”.

The density of the hiker biker sites increases as you approach DC, the last of which (Swains Lock) provides vehicle access, and requires reservations. I decided upon Horsepen Branch, the site just prior, certain enough the four sites at Swains Lock would be in use I didn’t bother checking. If Horsepen Branch was crowded, I could always retreat to an earlier site.

That plan worked out beautifully.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on various things. People intermittently stopped by the site for water or a break. Jim started talking with me, then wanted to examine my bicycle. He used to be a bicycle mechanic, and was fascinated with my set up. That led to 45 minutes of discussing the intricacies of my bicycle and other related bicycle trivia. I take hope from Jim, 72 years old and still spry and active.

Tomorrow morning I’ll meet Charlotte at Swains Lock and ride together for a while.

I had considered stopping by the Red Cross office in DC to get training on our new satellite gear, but my boss isn’t available.

Instead, I’ll use the opportunity to pass through DC on a Saturday, using Sunday as an additional day to get further from DC.

Cicadas have perforated the ground.

As I worked on my blog I heard someone using a megaphone on the Potomac. I moved over to watch. A woman standing there asked if I was camped here, which led from a discussion of cycling the C&O to cycle touring in general, to asking to look at my gear and set up.

It’s like that time on Ireland that I stopped to look at my map. A car pulled up to see if they could help. After a long extended but pleasant discussion they drove off. Looking quickly at my map before sallying fourth, another car pulled up…