I learned last night that 500 years ago the hostel served as a women’s prison. A 7:45 am departure put me second in line for the Uffizi Museum opening at 8:15 am (with a fair amount of crowd speculation as to whether we were all in the right place!). I wandered there almost three hours. Quite approachable, with most displays in English as well as Italian.

I next learned the city has closed the main fortress for a concert, and later learned the other fortress serves as an art museum. Poor thing.

A day of back-and-forth across the city. Despite what I had heard, Florence is not that beautiful a city overall.

Many museums and churches, and frescoes galore, but the city itself is drab. And lines. Of tourists. For everything. Florence serves as a core tourist destination. Given the numbers, every attraction costs twice what it’s worth (except Uffizi, priced about right). And still a wait of thirty minutes to an hour for attractions, with tourist season barely started. Touristy enough that mimes infest the city. I also watched a scary clown wander back and forth tormenting tourists for the amusement of onlookers.


Never made it to the train station; that will either work out in the morning, or I’ll just cycle back across the mountains. I’d rather not though; I took what I think was the best route here, and I’m good with that.

While peering at my map, another guest mentioned he’s thinking about trying cycling – around Italy. We had a good talk, and along the way I learned he’s from Ferrara, my planned destination tomorrow, so I have a list of suggestions from him.

Tonight I made reservations for the last two days.

I still notice green doors everywhere. Thanks Bev.