181030-A New Direction

I spent last night in Napier chatting with Martyn. A builder, he’s in the process of relocating to Napier. He’s had some GPS trouble. I introduced him to OSMAnd, which will provide navigation when in remote areas with no Internet service.

A documentary on television discussed a historical ferry accident out of Wellington, and Martyn helped provide local perspective. We also talked routes. I also learned from him some of the animus towards cyclists, who ride in large pelotons blocking traffic on backcountry roads.

I talked with him more this morning before I headed out. He’s got a positive attitude. Weather forecasts again were all over the map; my best guess had bad weather rolling in around 2:00 pm. With an early start, I could make it to the campground in Waipukurau before the rain began.

Note modifications to bicycle. Small bag converted to handlebar bag or sorts. Small backpack used as trunk. Sandals used as storage space for tubes of cookies.

I grazed storms all day, droplets striking but drying faster than they accumulated. At 1:00 pm the weather turned for the worse, and I still had almost 20 km to Waipukurau. I’d picked a great route on small low-traffic roads. Strong winds, hills, and my second puncture had slowed me down.

Looking at the GPS, last night’s preparation reviewing the route paid off. I’d noted a pub nearby that offered accommodation, and I could route there and still be inline for Waipukurau.

The pub didn’t offer accommodation directly, but they manage the fishing lodge next door. For $25 NZ ( $17 USD), I had the entire lodge to myself. My host told me I had my choice of the 20 beds, with full kitchen and hot water. No Wi-Fi or Internet.


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