181026-Absolutely Nothing

I’ve been on the move either figuratively or literally since I arrived in NZ on Oct. 6. Today I took the day off. Route planning and laundry sums up my major accomplishments. I do now have an updated plan to get to Wellington which includes a bus somewhere (weather dependent). If I could cycle there, I’d be right on schedule. A bus will put me a bit ahead.

I caught up with Andy today. He’s done his best to prove the hostel staff wrong that he couldn’t visit three attractions today. When he caught up with me he was limping, but had already been to three. We had dinner before heading to his fourth – the Redwood Forest Night Walk. The last bus ran an hour before so we walked. Following OSMAnd (still love it) I cut 2+ km off the walk by following a walking path. In the dark. Andy was skeptical, but we came out at the park entrance. A neat walking trail, suspended on the trees by shimmying walkways. Marnie would not have been a fan.

With Andy’s knee bothering him, we planned a cab for our return, but on the way out asked a couple exiting the walk for a ride back to town. No problem! (They were on their honeymoon).

Tomorrow Andy heads home, but he might catch up with me in the morning for the native Whakarewarewa village and geothermal display. Or sleep in. Could go either way.

I also need to prep to head out, picking up groceries and a replacement tube from the puncture the other day.


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