180727-Just a Little Help From Your Friends

In Verona I camped at Camping Castel San Pietro, perched on top of the local peak. The castle itself had little to recommend it, and the campground itself not much more than that.

A cycle-touring Dutch couple camped a couple of sites over. I commented to one of them on their tent–a MSR Hubba Hubba–as I also own one. Even if the Hubba Hubba is bit heavier for cycle touring than my tastes, I’ve always loved the tent design. It’s my go-to tent for kayaking. Their tent had seen far better days, patched with duck tape, with rents in the mesh.

From Wim I learned that they’d come back to their campsite one night only to find all of their gear stolen, sleeping bags and all. They’d managed to get it back, but the miscreants severely damaged the tent. Like me, they preferred the original design over the current one, and hadn’t been able to find a replacement.

I found a replacement for them on eBay. I had it shipped here, to make sure it was OK, but it should ship out to them tomorrow!


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