This morning I met the two Dutch cyclists camped next to me. They’re camping with a tattered MSR Hubba Hubba, the same tent I use at home (I use my Mountain Hardwear Super Mega Ultralight 2 to tour because it’s, well, aptly-named). I learned they’d acquired the tent on a trip to the US, but it (and all of their gear) had been stolen. They’d recovered it, but the miscreants did substantial damage. He loves the tent (for good reason) but hasn’t been able to find a replacement, as they’re out of production.

I floated to Vicenza today, pushed by the wind. The few hills, at the edge of the Alps, I glided over. Wandering the back roads made a 40 km ride more than 70.

With the campground 7 km beyond Vicenza, I wandered the city before heading to the campground for the night.


Having not heard from any of the cycle shops, I went ahead and extended my hostel reservation to include tomorrow. I had planned to camp just outside the city tomorrow anyway. I’m only about 60 km out, and the hostel costs only a few dollars more than camping. I should have time to explore Padua on the ride in. One of the cycle shops offers bike shipping. The airport might also have boxes. There’s a solution in there somewhere.


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