180518-Where We Both Explore At Different Times

This morning, after an absolutely fabulous hostel breakfast, it was time to explore Mostar.

Mostar was one of the front lines for the recent war. I overheard a tour guide say over 99% of the city was destroyed. All of the bridges were knocked down. Snipers used the 7-story bank building on one side of the river as a sniper post. Damaged badly in the war, the building has stood in ruin since then. Yet, it’s open to urban exploration. I crawled under the bent iron grating to explore the building. A great view of the city, but eerily open with only the support beams and floors remaining – no walls.


I climbed back down to explore the rest of Mostar. On the way I stopped by a pharmacy to replace what I used the day before. The Old Town was packed with tour groups, reminding me of a tiny section (very tiny) of Istanbul.


Abandoning the Old Town to the mid-day heat, I returned to the hostel to relax through the peak heat of the day. I also researched the Ciro trail – the rails-to-trails path between here and Dubrovnik. In the late afternoon I returned to wandering the city. I kept passing Moritz, each of us always headed to where the other had just been.

Later in the evening I hung out with other travelers, getting skunked at cards and talking about US politics and health care.

While I decided to leave tomorrow after the hostel breakfast, I decided to pack early. I also can’t find my flash drive, so I pulled everything out looking for it. While doing so I discovered I had torn the front pannier in the crash. I pulled it apart and restitched the damaged section. While doing so I had animated conversations with my room mates. Everything repaired and packed, yet more discussion back in the common area.

With breakfast served at 9:30 am, I stayed up too late reading. I still woke to the sun, and said goodbye to Moritz when he left for his 7:00 am bus. I might have talked him into trying EuroVelo 6 from Passau; Moritz being from Germany makes that an easy start.


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