180516-Every 1000 feet Is 5.4 Degrees F

An early night and concern about rain meant leaving this morning by 7:45 am. I ran into Sarah, who had puzzled out her bus to Ljubljana and hiking to the lakes today.

Not much to say about to day but up. The same highway with, at least early on, more traffic. Whenever I’d look at my speedometer it would read a miserly 12 kph. However, only for the last 10 km did the world take a serious turn for the vertical. Rain threatened for the last 10 km, and beat me by five minutes to the B&B, located at the highest point of the pass.


My focus on climbing all day distracted me from sunscreen, and I picked up a good burn here and there.

I ate dinner at the B&B restaurant. I picked something local-sounding off the menu, confirming (via Google Translate) that it had no milk, cheese, or butter. While I waited I looked up my choice on Google; a typical Croatian meal of port stuffed with cheese. They must have thought me particularly odd, but it turned out OK.

I should cross 1,000 km tomorrow. I will be sad if tomorrow isn’t all about down. I had smoke coming off my brakes coming down from the Swiss Alps. I’m intentionally low on calories carried (less weight) so I will have to fix that early on (hopefully braking to a stop before shooting past the supermarket). I hope to make it to Mostar tomorrow. It will be a Thursday, in a city with many hostels; I’ll deal with that when I arrive.

I think this B&B/hotel is also empty. I have my wet laundry draped around my suite drying on the radiators. Hostel after hostel totally vacant. No idea why tourist season doesn’t start earlier here; the weather is amazing.


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