I returned to the hostel to find Summer wondering about Jason. She’d looked for Jason earlier, and I filled her in on recent events. As we talked, Jason rushed into the room, clearly agitated, and then rushed back out, with no time to talk. I told Summer at least he wasn’t tied to a bed somewhere.

Jason returned after a brief interlude.

Jason had joined the two women at a nearby bar, where they bought drinks and chatted. After 15 minutes, the bar presented him a bill for the drinks – roughly 80,000 forint. Forint convert at 300 HUF:1 USD. Excited conversation ensued, as the bar “clearly” posts the prices for drinks, in places hard to actually see. The women said they could pay for the drinks with their corporate card but, if I understand correctly, walked back with him to the hostel so Jason could get more cash to pay his share of the drinks. After that experience, the women decided to take a train back home. It wasn’t until Jason walked them to the train station only to then look back to find them heading back to the city that he realized the full scale of the con.

Along with paying attention to unauthorized taxi drivers, women enticing men into bars for high-priced drinks is well-known; Jason even heard of it a few days ago. He just got a bit … distracted. On the bright side, for only 100 euro, he definitely has a story for his trip (and provided me one as well).

Jason still buzzing from the experience, he, I, and Summer headed out for drinks. Jason vocalized a desire to return to give them a piece of his mind;  I made sure we ended up somewhere else. For a town where people wander from bar to bar, we spent a surprisingly long time hunting for a bar. Budapest also has a thriving “ruin bar” scene, where bars are set up in ruined buildings with no renovation, and furnishing to that level. We ended up in a club where entrance involved wandering back and forth through a rat’s maze of corridors before deciding to head elsewhere. Eventually finding a small bar in the Jewish District, we chatted as a distraction from Jason’s adventure.

Jason headed out early this morning. I had hoped to day-trip somewhere outside of Budapest today, but the timing for the options I’m interested in was too close for comfort with a dentist’s appointment at 2:30 pm. Instead Summer and I went walking in the park on Margrit’s Island until we ran out of time, I for the dentist and her for her flight back to England. Summer’s originally from Lithuania, but currently works in Bath, England, flexing her work schedule to travel around Europe. Budapest also serves as a tattoo tourism point as well.


While I still have a bite adjustment appointment in the morning, I finished my main dental work today, to then return to the hostel waiting for the ache to go away. While I feel better, sitting in a dentist’s chair exhausts me and I’ve spent the evening in. Again my companions have spread to the winds – also depressing.

Several of the dental appointments have been in the middle of the day Hopefully the appointment tomorrow morning will be short, and I can head out of town, or caving under Budapest, or some other wacky plan before the cab picks me up at 5:00 am Friday for the flight home.


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  1. I hope you’ll have the change to pcaitcre English speaking more often even with native ones, or just writing in English! It’s wonderful you have plans to always improve your English and I’m sure that you’ll get the reward on doing this!!!!!!

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