When I bought the ticket for the ferry, I paid an extra five euro for a reclining seat and a better night’s sleep, but that room sat right over the engines (loud) with the seats jammed together. I ended up moving out into the main area and sleeping on one of the random couches used for seating. I woke repeatedly thinking we must be suffering a severe storm, with the rocking of the ship. I arose to a clear sunny day, with the ship still bouncing up and down. Movement settled down by 8:00 am; I think they slow the ship down a bit when people are moving about. We arrived in Ireland at 1:15 pm.


Expecting rain, I planned to head to the nearby campground and figure out my next course of action. I first headed to the Tourist Information in Rosslare, only to find that information point had only a few pamphlets. With a gorgeous day, and Wexford only 20 km away, I updated my agenda.

The Tourist Information in Wexford took a long time, because the one woman working helped everyone in great detail. To that point, when I finally left I had: a map of Wexford, a general map of Ireland, a map of all IYH hostels in Ireland, a map of all independent hostels in Ireland, a booklet with all campgrounds in Ireland, brochures for different regions of Ireland, instructions on where I could get cell service, and a collection of brochures on different castles. She also confirmed the campground down the street did, in fact, exist.

From Tourist Information I headed to the center of town. I purchased a cell plan. I couldn’t get what I wanted (1 GB for 30 days), only because the minimum plan of 10 euro provides 7.5 GB. Across the street a bookstore sold me detailed road maps of Ireland. Now fully supplied, I headed to the campground.
While the bathhouse at the campground  includes standard European power outlets, the default power outlet in Ireland differs, so I need to pick up another adaptor. The last time I visited Ireland in 2006 I didn’t carry any electronic devices.

While I have a routine of things every day, the days themselves do not feel routine. I’m camped on the coast of Ireland!


As I type, rain falls on my tent. Welcome to Ireland.


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    1. Even with having lost the first camera, there’s a fair # of photos, and the blog posts only include those from the phone. It will take me a while, but I’ll post everything to my website. Take enough photos and some turn out ok. Makes me wish for your talent sometimes…

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