170830-You Call Those Hills?

Last night temperatures dropped to … cold. By Pete’s exclamations this morning, his gear doesn’t provide any more warmth than mine. We awoke to a crisp bright sunny day. We dried our tents while we packed up, still taking advantage of our ownership of the campground. As I won’t be able to exchange coins, I traded Pete my 3 pound sterling coins for 3 euro.

Pete and I cycled together this morning until just outside of Wexford, where our paths diverged-I continued north as he went west. I wish him a great trip, and will miss his company. 

With rare exception, I didn’t much notice the hills of Ireland today. Indeed, I often found myself with a long downgrade wondering from where I’d gotten it. That level of comfort meant I spent much more time exploring a bit off the beaten track for icons on the GPS. The abbey in Wexford only opened at 3 pm, hours longer than I planned to be in Wexford. One castle I never found. An earthen mound was all that remained of another. But it’s nice to have that freedom back. I kept overshooting thing because my overall speeds were much higher. 

I stopped early this afternoon at the campground in Morris Castle. Besides the obvious reasons (although they say there’s no actual castle here), the next potential campground lay well ahead, and weather reports yesterday suggested rain in the late afternoon. When the weather turned colder I wanted to stop. I now happen to be at the campground with the longest unbroken stretch of beach in all of Europe. As balls of string go, that’s a good one.

The early arrival gave me time to catch up on things I’ve been trying to get to for a few days. I paid some bills. Two bicycle shops in Dublin have already responded to my inquiries to say they have a box I can use to ship my bicycle home. With rain in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, I made a reservation at a hostel tomorrow. In the Wicklow Mountains, but that still means less climbing that a baseline day in Wales. 

With assurances I have a box, I’m now well ahead of schedule, with five days of cycling remaining, while within only two reasonable days of cycling of Dublin. While tomorrow’s weather report is less than optimal, the next few days return to the usual sunny Ireland.  


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