XEI met Frau last night, a traveler from Puerto Rico, on his post-vet school tour before settling down to work in Vegas. I didn’t meet the German cyclist sleeping in the bunk below me. I only know him as a cyclist from the panniers tucked under the bunk. He left early this morning, leaving the battery for his camera behind. Glad to know it’s not just me.

The breakfast offered by the hostel consisted of two slices of toast and tea. My metabolism shifted well above that a while ago. I had breakfast with Greg, another bunkmate, before we went our separate ways to explore Salamanca. I power-wandered all over the city until mid-afternoon before the heat caught up with me, and I returned to the hostel for a siesta.


Every city has its own special thing, and Salamanca is no different. In Salamanca it’s the Salamanca frog, a 15th century carving on the front of the (now) Civil Universidad building. Can you find it?


I also found another fun children’s playground, that would be sued out of existence in the US for safety.


I spent part of the afternoon hanging out with Frau. We’re both headed to Santiago de Compostela, and we both needed to figure out how to get from Santiago to our next destination(s). He requires slightly less planning – no bicycle. At this point I hope to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in time to go to the train and/or bus station and ask, with enough time to deal with whatever comes of that. Santiago de Compostela serves as a destination for hundreds of thousands of people who then have to return home.

During my downtime I also sat down with the map and plotted my route and timeline to meet Sam. Now with less distanceI have more time, so I’m taking a more leisurely and roundabout path to get to our meetup point. It might be I’ve added a few potential castles to the itinerary as well.  I head to the campground outside of Zamora tomorrow.


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