Max left, if not as early as planned, at 6:30 am, and I wished him the best, and went back to sleep.

Arising at a more reasonable hour, I slowly packed up and spoke with Carsten over our mutual breakfasts. Carsten will arrive in Lyon at the end of his trip about the time I end up there. Be fun if that works out. Only once in my cycling past have I run into someone again, as one cyclists head out in opposite directions, we’re too slow to see each other again. The exception would be in Ireland, where I ran into the same cyclist again not once, but twice. Ireland’s not that big; I regularly also saw the same RVs at different campgrounds.

I headed to the monastery of St. Peter, located on an island in the middle of Lake Bidersee, connected to the mainland by a thread of land several kilometers long. Instead of a monastery and hotel as I expected, the monastery now serves as a hotel. Disinterested, I headed on to the equally unimpressive local castle. After a long day of 30 km, I headed to a campground in Neuchtel, located on the next lake, and set up an early camp, followed by swims in the local lake, and some casual reading. Tomorrow I’ll switch to the next lake, then climb the pass to get to Lausanne. Carsten suggested I take a day cruise from Lausanne to Geneva, if only to add another mode of travel.


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