I left Roy’s Campground at 8:00 am today. And abandoned the MRT. The next 200 km have no resources, on small road but enough traffic that too often I’m getting passed at the same time another car goes by in the opposite direction (which Kurt called “scissors”).

I rescued this guy,

and then spent a lot of the day on REALLY small roads.

Had the road had any more precipitation I never would have made it. This sign concerned me, but I made it through the one the other day, right?

Then the road downgraded, but better forward than back!

The missing bridge never materialized (well you know what I mean), and I ended up back on asphalt after many kilometers of wandering and wondering.

Through several intersections, finally confident and back on pavement I cycled onwards. Now that’s a closed bridge!

I spoke with the operator, who said he could clear me a footpath in 30 minutes. I settled in for second (third?) lunch. 40 minutes later I was on my way (would have been sooner, but he lost track of me in the shade and thought I’d left).

While the ride through the countryside was pleasant, road conditions and headwinds kept progress slow. While I only cycled 105 km, I arrived at the hotel at 7:00 pm. However, my metabolism appears to have kicked on, and I felt great. Talked to the guy at the desk about cycle touring for a while, including him asking to see my bicycle!


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